susako (susako) wrote in bleach_pairings,

Challenge 17 Voting

the_beanmaster, I'm assuming you're busy but that's ok ^_^ Thanks for helping out, it's really appreciated!

It took us a long time...and still only three icons X_x So, let's have a quick vote and then move on to the next challenge!

Please vote for one icon only.

1 2 3

Voting closes Sunday 26th March.

stardust_rain, I know we arranged for you to take care of challenge 19 some time ago, but is it ok if I take charge of this one? Challenge 20 can be all yours ^_^

Oh and check out our latest affiliates gotei13_awards and bleach_pairs!
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I'm so-so-so sorry, I've been swamped with work and school! O____O;;;
Oh, no, don't worry about it ^_^
Oh! and you should have advertised this challenge on all_for_bleach!!!
Feel free to do it whenever you need more entries ^^
Thank you so much, you've been really kind! I'll be sure to do so for the next challenge ^_^