susako (susako) wrote in bleach_pairings,

Challenge 18 Winners

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Well, thank you ^_^;;
XD I lost because mine was RenRuki!

No, seriously, congratulations to the winner.
Ne ne, what happens if I lose hope in my own challenge and decide to put on Evanescence after being convinced that everyone hates me no one wants to enter?
Nobody has really been entering for several contests...

You can ask pyrefly to put up a new contest, or maybe we should all put our heads together. I'm losing patience and motivation, and am tempted to call this icontest dead T_T because I have been listening to too much Evanescence and have spent most of my days in the corner in an angst/emo puddle on the floor
You know I'm not that big on my challenge right now and only one person has submitted so far. Can you call it off or put up a new one?

I'm too fucking embarassed right now