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Errr, so hello! This is your new maintainer/moderator.

So, the community has been dead for a while. I'd like to revive it. So I'm asking for opinions:

Should bleach_pairings open up beyond icons? With the new chapters in the manga givins us new characters, would you lot like to expand the comm to things like general graphics, fanart, etc?

All comments, suggestions, whiskey and death threats are appreciated.
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I am such a terrible mod. Our internet connection was busted over the weeked because our broadband company were having problems with servers.

So far, we have no entries for challenge 19. The challenge has been extended to Friday 7th May, 15:00 CET.

<a href=">Submit here</a>
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Challenge 19

* Don't forget the general rules
* Submit up to TWO icons
* Each icon must feature a pairing, not necessarily a romantic one
* Themes can be combined and reused.


This challenge's theme is Dependence. You may intepret the word however you wish.


If you choose to use the lyrics, you must at least three consecutive words.

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If choose to use the image, then this must be the only image used in the icon.
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Your post should include both url and the icon.

You have until Thursday 27th April 16:00 CET to sumbit.
don't forget to vote for challenge 18!
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