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Challenge 18 Submission

Hi, everyone! Time to kick off Challenge 18!

* Don't forget the general rules
* Submit up to TWO icons
* Each icon must feature a pairing, not necessarily a romantic one
* Themes can be combined and reused.

Your icon must reflect the theme in some way:


I know it's a theme for another anime, but still. XD This challenge, it's Judy and Mary - Sobakasu. At least three consecutive readable words, please!

I touched those hated freckles lightly and sighed,
My "heavy class" love has dissolved clearly
Just like a sugarcube.
The thorn stuck in my thin breast went in further
And hurt much more than before.
Astrology didn't predict that at all.

I wished we could go together farther,
It would be joyful enough to...

Memories are always beautiful,
But with only that you can't live.
Tonight should be a really sad night,
But why? Actually I can't remember his smiling face.

I understand breaking apart and putting back together
Because that's my personality;
With impatient feelings and uncertainty
Which nevertheless are capable of good love.

I pierced my left ear to forget,
It's an episode I can't laugh about

Counting up the number of freckles
Embracing the spots and all
But the thorn piercing my breast won't disappear.
My stuffed frog and rabbit
Smile and comfort me.

Memories are always beautiful,
But with only that you can't live.
It was a really tough night
I wonder why though? Why can't I remember that person's tears?
I can't remember,
Why can't I?

Translation from

Don't know what it sounds like?

This image must be the only image used in your icon.

Please submit icons with the URL.

Deadline for icons is Friday 31st March at 9:00 pm GMT.

Still one more day of voting for Challenge 17!

Happy icon-making!

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