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Challenge 18 Submission

Hi, everyone! Time to kick off Challenge 18!

* Don't forget the general rules
* Submit up to TWO icons
* Each icon must feature a pairing, not necessarily a romantic one
* Themes can be combined and reused.

Your icon must reflect the theme in some way:


I know it's a theme for another anime, but still. XD This challenge, it's Judy and Mary - Sobakasu. At least three consecutive readable words, please!

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Don't know what it sounds like?

This image must be the only image used in your icon.

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Please submit icons with the URL.

Deadline for icons is Friday 31st March at 9:00 pm GMT.

Still one more day of voting for Challenge 17!

Happy icon-making!
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Challenge 17 Voting

the_beanmaster, I'm assuming you're busy but that's ok ^_^ Thanks for helping out, it's really appreciated!

It took us a long time...and still only three icons X_x So, let's have a quick vote and then move on to the next challenge!

Please vote for one icon only.

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Voting closes Sunday 26th March.

stardust_rain, I know we arranged for you to take care of challenge 19 some time ago, but is it ok if I take charge of this one? Challenge 20 can be all yours ^_^

Oh and check out our latest affiliates gotei13_awards and bleach_pairs!
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Reminder for Challenge 17

This is getting silly now. No more icons after another extension? T_T It's the_beanmaster's last challenge with us. Show her some love!


If there are still no entries, I'm reluctant to allow another extension, so we'll have to see what happens there.

And as a side note, check out our latest affiliate: lims_bleach. Last Icon Maker Standing...of the Bleach variety. ^_^
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Challenge 16 Voting

Yay! It took us two extensions >_>;; but we now have five submissions! Please vote in the following format:

1st: 55
2nd: 66
3rd: 77


55, 66, 77

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Quick vote this time because I don't really want to drag this out much longer, and you guys are generally good about getting your votes in quickly anyway. So, voting closes tomorrow, Monday, February 13th around 11:59 PM EST. That way we can announce the winners & whoever's up next in the rota can start their challenge on Valentine's Day. ^_^

Get your votes in, stay tuned, & good luck, guys~!