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Challenge 16

yo~! I'm back, with lots of fun & games in store (or something)... Welcome to oh-so-sweet challenge 16!


* Don't forget the general rules.
* Submit up to TWO icons
* The icons do not have to be from different themes.

Theme: Pairing

Yoruichi & Soi Fong


At least three consecutive words, please.

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Don't know what it sounds like?


Only use this image.

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Deadline is Friday, February 3rd, 2006 at 11:59 PM CST (GMT-0600). That gives you almost two whole weeks to get in lots of pretty icons. ^_^

Anyway, happy icon'ing! ♥
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Challenge 15 voting

We got there in the end!

Since there are only 4 submissions this week, please vote for only TWO icons.


1st: 21
2nd: 22


21, 22

There will be no mod's choice this week. ;_;

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Voting closes Friday 20th January 6:00pm GMT. Happy voting and good luck to all who entered!

pyrefly, you have the next challenge so just post it whenever you're ready. ^_^

Oh and check out our new affiliates!
bleach_liners One liner fanwork community
ken_yachiru Kenpachi x Yachiru fan community
shiyori Hirako x Hiyori fan community
tobiume_ - Hinamori Momo fan community
yorusoi Yoruichi x Soi Fong fan community
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Challenge 15 extension

Three entries. ^_^;;

So this challenge is extended until Wednesday 18th January 6:00 pm GMT. If there are no more entries beyond that, we have a mini-vote and move on to the next challenge.


Any entries at all would be greatly appreciated. Enter now and you are much more likely to win and get a banner ^_^V
silly me~! DX, [Bleach] Kisuke sez onoez
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Challenge 14 Banners

Sorry about not putting these up sooner; I seriously had them done like the day after I announced the winners but then completely forgot to post them. >_> Anyway, here they are (finally):

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Please upload to your own server and comment to let me know when you've taken yours. Thanks! ^_^

Don't forget about Challenge 15! There's so few entries right now that it's going to be like, guaranteed win if you enter, so... ENTER! >P
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Challenge 15 reminder

Just a friendly reminder that Challenge 15 closes next Friday.

Submit here!

And I'd like to welcome aboard stardust_rain who has become another of our comods. ^_^ Unfortunately, we're also saying 'See you around' to the_beanmaster who will no longer be a comod after her next challenge. ;_;

Current challenge rota (wow, there are enough of us to have an actual rota! You don't know how exciting that is!)

* Challenge 16 - pyrefly
* Challenge 17 - the_beanmaster
* Challenge 18 - stardust_rain

If there are any problems with the rota, please let me know.
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Challenge 15 submission

Hooray for pyrefly and challenge 14! Hope that everybody has had a restful and fun holiday season. Any resolutions for the new year? How about participating in this challenge? *poke poke*

Anyways, happy new year and all that. Because I have serious back-to-school blues (booooo) and it's freaking cold at the moment, bleach_pairings now has a lovely summery layout and a userinfo page to match! ^_^V

* Would you like to be a comod for bleach_pairings? Comods are responsible for putting up challenges and dealing with reminders, voting and banners for that challenge. Leave a comment here separate from your entry if you are interested!
* Or perhaps you would like to be a banner maker instead? Leave a comment here separate from your entry if you are interested!


* Don't forget the general rules.
* You can submit up to TWO icons
* The icons do not have to be from different themes

If you enter an icon under this theme, it does not have to use this theme as part of image text but try to capture the meaning.


If you enter an icon under this theme then it must feature at least three consecutive words.

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Translation from Rock Rabbit. GO!GO!7188 are one of my fave bands, so it'd be great to see these lyrics used ^_^ Don't know what it sounds like? Rapidshare link | YSI link

If you enter an icon under this theme, then you must only use this image.

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It's going to be a long one, because no doubt people are still busy with going back to school or work etc. This challenge closes Friday 13th (wooooooohhhhh!!!!!) January at 9:00 pm GMT. Happy entering!
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