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Bleach Pairings

An Icontest

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Bleach Pairings Icontest
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Welcome to bleach_pairings. This is an icon contest community dedicated to the pairings found in the animanga Bleach created by Kubo Tite.

Each contest will revolve around a specific pairing. All icons submitted must be relevant to that pairing and must have both characters present. Just to jog that creativity, a picture will be provided for you to use if you wish.

This contest will feature all kinds of pairings. Pairings may be Male/Female, Male/Male, Female/Female. Pairings may even be taken simply in a friendship or partnership sense, not necessarily a romantic sense or maybe even as a rivalry.

If there are any suggestions for pairings, leave a comment here.

1. Only submit two new icons per challenge unless otherwise stated and they must be related to the pairing of the contest. Please make new icons for the contest.
2. Icons must fit within LJ's standards: that is to say they must be no more than 100x100 pixels in dimension and under 40kb in file size.
3. Entries must remain anonymous until after the results are posted. That means no using the icon or posting the icon anywhere else until the winners have been declared.
4. Use only official Bleach images. No fanart or doujinshi, please.
5. Do not vote for your own icon during voting.
6. If you wish to use any of the icons that have been submitted, please ask the creator for permission and follow any requirements they may have for crediting.

At the beginning of each contest there will be a pairing posted with instructions specific to the contest. Comment to this post with your entries for the contest, including the img src, url and lj to be credited. (Some of you may wish to enter with an icon journal, for example).


Pairings will usually be posted on Sundays. Submission ends Friday night.

Voting takes place from Saturday to Sunday night and then the winners will be posted. Times will be posted for each contest.

Voting posts will go up with specific instructions. Comments will be screened.

In each contest there will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place as well as a Moderator's Choice if the number of submissions allows it.

Moderator - our_innocence

Please feel free to contact the moderator through her journal or via email (inanna.BREATHES@gmail.com) if there are any problems.

recent entries in the community.</p>


If you run a Bleach, anime/manga, pairing or icon related community and want to

affiliate, leave a comment here.

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